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CSR and Sustainability

At Hotel Barcelona Catedral we firmly believe that sustainability is the key element that will allow tourism to remain as one of the main driving forces of the world economy. That’s why we set out to incorporate the values and principles of sustainable development into our daily lives and the way we work and interact with guests, employees, suppliers, society at large and the environment.

We strive for our commitment and working philosophy to make us different and bolster our position as a responsible, stable, safe and attractive company for everyone who approaches us.

Our corporate commitments are:

- Helping protect the environment, controlling the impact of our activities and raising awareness about sustainability among guests, employees and suppliers.

- Promoting the cultural values and traditions of our city.

- Working towards our business actively fostering improvements in our immediate environment, paying particular attention to children and the most disadvantaged people in our community.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Hotel Barcelona Catedral collaborates with the following entities and causes:

- We collaborate with Fundació Banc dels Aliments, Pont Aeri and Comunitat de Sant Egidi by collecting funds for people in need and providing surplus food from our hotel.

- Donation of furniture, clothing and other objects: we also collaborate with Foundació FIAS, Caritas and Fundació Banc dels Aliments by providing clothing and other items from our hotel.

- We collaborate with Casal dels Infants, Barcelona Activa, Fundació en la Divulgació de la Lluita contra la Sida, Fundació Tot Raval, Fundació Barcelona Formació Professional and Fundació Formació i Treball Albert Alberich by incorporating people at risk of social exclusion into the labour market.

- Hotel Barcelona Catedral received a special mention as a 'socially responsible company' at the 2011 Business Excellence Awards in the category of medium-sized companies.

- On an internal level, Hotel Barcelona Catedral is renowned for its work-life balance and equality policies, with a team equally composed by men and women.

Other collaborations:

- Hotel Barcelona Catedral was one of the promoters of the campaign 'Fes el turista a la teva ciutat', winner of Alimara Empresa Award 2015.

- Working with Astrid 21 to build a school for students with Down’s syndrome.

- Promoting small local businesses.

- Promoting the 2015 Environment Volunteer Week.

- Fostering local crafts by staging a craft exchange market as part of the "Semana a Vista de Hotel" led by the Barcelona Hotels Association.

- Special mention at the CCC Awards for Best Linguistic Initiative in the Commercial Sector for its Catalan language policy and activities to promote its use among city visitors.

Environment and sustainability

Hotel Barcelona Catedral signed the "Citizen Commitment for Sustainability 2012-2022" in 2014.  

This involves us working towards a more equitable, prosperous and self-sufficient Barcelona.

Our environmental policies have been awarded the Green Leader Platinum Level Certificate by TripAdvisor, and we are the number 2 environmentally-friendly hotel in Barcelona.

IZAKA-run initiatives involving Hotel Barcelona Catedral:


Energy and climate change

- Preventive-corrective maintenance plan.

- Low consumption or renewable lighting installations and systems.

- Use of renewable energy through solar panels installed at our facilities.

- Implementation of energy saving elements such as lighting timers, optimisation of natural light, acquisition of energy-efficient appliances, etc.


Reduction of water use

- Water flow reduction systems (flow regulators and dual-flush toilets).

- Awareness activities to engage guests in responsible water use during their stay.


Waste management and recycling

- Selective waste collection. Document destruction and recycling service.

- In-house paper reuse policy.


Environmental training

- All our employees are trained in environmental matters.


Local and healthy cuisine

- Menus featuring regional products sourced from local suppliers and cooked in our kitchens.

- Specific menus for guests with special dietary requirements.

- Purchase of fair trade and socially responsible products, such as La Fageda.

- Restaurant involved in the Route1714 historical itinerary.

 Cultural resources

- We inform our guests about the main cultural resources and important events in the city, as well as the leisure attractions offered by our community.

- We make our guests aware of the environmental, cultural and social values of our surroundings.

- We foster the ‘legends and secrets’ culture of the city of Barcelona, offering exclusive tours free-of-charge for our guests around the Gothic Quarter.

Health and safety regulations

We meet all safety requirements required by law and we have all official permits required for hotels, apartments and restaurants.

We meet all requirements on food hygiene and safety; we perform microbiological tests and HACCP audits; we train our staff in matters of food handling, traceability, dietary needs, food allergens, etc.

Our employees regularly receive training on emergency, health & safety, occupational hazards, ergonomics, use of cleaning products, recycling and first aid. Fire drills are regularly conducted [last one August 2012]

We carry out all checks and actions required by legionella regulations.

We meet all data protection and confidentiality regulations.

We perform preventive maintenance in all our facilities.

Our hotel is accessible: we offer adapted rooms and have removed architectural barriers within the hotel.

City-centre location, next to Barcelona Cathedral

The hotel’s city-centre location in the Gothic Quarter, its truly comfortable facilities, the air of relaxation you breathe once inside and its team of guest-oriented professionals mean that each stay becomes a unique experience.


And as a backdrop, the city of Barcelona...

Because we believe that the best way to fall in love with a city like Barcelona is from its very centre, from its heart, we’ve created a series of cultural and foodie activities that will let guests experience the city from a different perspective. Hotel Barcelona Catedral offers free walking tours around the Gothic Quarter so that guests can discover the most charming corners of Barcelona - every Wednesday night and Sunday morning.

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